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For Samantha Acosta, a senior at St. Joseph High School, the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Sonia and Celina Sotomayor Judicial Internship Program this past summer was a dream come true. Though Samantha remembers her mom staying up allRead More
A bright and bubbly sophomore at St. Joseph High School, Isabella Castillo plans to one day travel the world as an archaeologist. “Every object you find has a story” she says, expressing her excitement at the possibility of uncovering and studyingRead More
Student Jenai Davis interned at Through Our Lens: “Through Our Lens was a great opportunity for me and still is. Even though I am a senior, I still am a bit lost on what I want to do with myRead More
Alemtsehay Getahun arrived in New York City from Ethiopia during the 6th grade. Neither she nor her siblings spoke a word of English, and they faced numerous obstacles while acclimating to a new language and culture. Alemtsehay’s whole family enrolledRead More