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We’ve probably all heard about the numerous benefits of incorporating smart technology into the classroom; from increased digital fluency and a more collaborative educational experience to a more seamless delivery of course materials and a vastly wider and more interactiveRead More
Did you hear that sound coming from our second Makerspace classroom? It was probably one of the power saws or planers that Mr. Carmine D'Agosto and several SJHS students have been using to build the drafting tables for our newRead More
A bright and bubbly sophomore at St. Joseph High School, Isabella Castillo plans to one day travel the world as an archaeologist. “Every object you find has a story” she says, expressing her excitement at the possibility of uncovering and studyingRead More
Early Beginnings Ms. Stacia Green, who works in the IT department at SJHS, teaches Technology Fundamentals classes, and runs the Robotics Club with Mr. Mobijohn and Mr. St. Louis, found her passion for engineering early on in life. As aRead More