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Summer Readiness is a ten day program for incoming Freshwomen that aims to acclimate the students to the culture of St. Joseph High School. This summer the students took English, Math and Study Skills classes, and discussed the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph; all three classes were designed to form a foundation for students’ future classes.

The Technology Department arranged for the students to have one day of technology instruction. The students were split into two groups, one receiving instruction from MOUSE and the second spending the day in the FabLab. In English, students were exposed to what it means to read a text deeply and that includes images as well. They wrote short poems and pieces about themselves and their lives which culminated in longer pieces –  biomythographies and collages that they presented on the final day, based on Audre Lorde’s biomythography, Zami, A New Spelling of my Name, titled “How I Became a Poet.”

The students took one trip outside of school to see the We Wanted A Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85 exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Ms. Turman asked students to engage the exhibit in terms of how the artists perceived the world around them and used art to both create and change the narratives about black women.