27 Jul 2017
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Good fences make good neighbors, but in the case of St. Joseph’s High School, good neighbors make college possible.

National Grid, in conjunction with the National Grid Foundation, donated $20,000 and 20 computers to St. Joseph’s High School on Tuesday. The contribution has gone directly toward helping to get more students into competitive colleges.

“This is a small school, just 328 young women, and a lot of them will be the first of their families to go off to college,” said Sister Joan Gallagher. “Many are low-income, working families, and that’s why it’s important that we get them all of the assistance we possibly can to get girls that would have not otherwise gone to college into a good school.”

Grants like the one from the National Grid Foundation have made a significant impact on the girls at St. Joseph’s. In January 2013, the school began putting grant money toward a comprehensive SAT review program and expanded the college counseling department.

“It really enables us to hire an SAT tutor and formalize SAT Prep,” trustee Kathleen Weigel said. “It has also allowed us to provide them with college prep materials. Some of that money has gone toward a full-time college guidance counselor. It lets us help them do more research for colleges and look up assistance for financial aid planning.”

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