“I am not afraid of storms.  I am learning how to sail my ship.

– Louisa May Alcott

Student Support Programs

The Parmentier Program

The Parmentier Program offers comprehensive support and enables students with Individual Education Programs or documented learning needs, to succeed in the regular classroom.


Title I — Student Support Services Program

A federal program that provides supplemental educational services, Title I-eligible students receive services from licensed English and Math teachers and licensed school counselors provided by Catapult Learning, the Title I third-party provider contracted by the Bureau of Nonpublic School Reimbursable Services (BNPS) to deliver Title I services at St. Joseph High School. 

Support services help students develop the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in school. School counselors address various social, emotional or behavioral concerns that may be impeding achievement.  Areas of focus may include developing good work habits and organizational skills, building self-esteem, maintaining focus and teaching test-taking strategies.


Title I – Enhanced Student Support Services Program

Title I – Enhanced Student Literacy Program

Title I – Enhanced Student Math Program


For more information about Student Support Programs, please contact Elizabeth Peralta, Director of Admissions at eperalta@SJHSbridge.org or 718-624-3618, ext. 21.

“Everyone in the St. Joseph’s community is willing to help one another, faculty and students alike.  It is truly a welcoming environment and I am blessed to be a apart of it.”

– Mary Gallagher
Social Studies