“All I want is an education, and I am afraid of no one.”  

– Malala Yousafzai



Annual Fund

Every year, gifts to the Annual Fund subsidize the cost of the school’s daily operations, including faculty salaries, academic and after school programming, technology, tuition assistance and building maintenance.

When you support the Annual Fund, your gift ensures that St. Joseph High School remains a place of new possibilities. Every gift, no matter what size, makes a difference in our students’ lives.

Our goal for 2015-2016 is to raise $800,000 through the Annual Fund, and to increase alumnae participation by 30 percent. Please consider making a generous tax-deductible gift to SJHS Annual Fund this year.



Endowed scholarships provide important tuition support to St. Joseph High School students. By making a donation to an existing scholarship, or by creating a scholarship in your name or the name of a loved one, you can ensure that a deserving young woman will have the advantage of an education at SJHS.


Endowed Scholarships

S. Nora Ashe, CSJ, Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2013 by alumnae, trustees, Sisters of St. Joseph, family and friends in memory of S. Nora Ashe, CJS, a member of the history department at SJHS.

S. Eugenia Calabrese, CSJ, Scholarship

Established by trustees in 2007, this full scholarship is in recognition of S. Eugenia’s 17-year tenure as principal of SJHS.

Virginia Krasowsky Clarke ’46 Memorial Scholarship

Endowed by her husband John P. Clarke, daughter Jacqueline Gaughran and friends, this scholarship was created in loving memory of Virginia.

Kathryn M. Cleary ’25 Memorial Scholarship

Gift of the estate of Kathryn M. Cleary ’25.

Patricia Elaine McConkey Cryan ’51 Memorial Scholarship

Established by Patricia’s husband, Frank Cryan, along with her children and grandchildren. The Scholarship is also a memorial to Mary Eileen Cryan.

Eunice Latham Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Barnard School Foundation in honor of Eunice Latham.

Maria D’Alessio Longo Scholarship

Established by Susan Weinstein in honor of her best friend, Maria D’Alessio Longo on the occasion of Maria’s 60th birthday on June 28, 2009.

Diane D’Amato Urban ’68 Memorial Scholarship

Diane D’Amato Urban ’68 was a hero lost on 9/11 in the World Trade Center. She had the opportunity to escape the towers, but returned to assist colleagues who were injured. The scholarship was established in 2008 by her sister and brother-in-law, Theresa and Ray Corio.

Father Donald J. Kenna Memorial Scholarship

Established by alumna Linda Pittari ’62 to honor Father Kenna, a faithful priest, good friend and champion of the poor.

Patricia Ennis Kent ’59 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2005 by Christine Kent and Carolyn Herold in memory of their beloved mother.

Lynda Zenia Maloney ’63 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2009 by Carmen Maloney Welch and Jacqueline Maloney ’67 and friends in memory of their daughter, sister and friend, Lynda Zenia Maloney. The scholarship is for African American young women who exemplifies good character, academic excellence and financial need.

Veneslas J. and Julia C. Michalski Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2013 by Celeste C. Michalski in honor of her parents.

Evelyn and Ed Molloy Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2008 by their daughter Kathleen Molloy Clarke and her husband Michael, this scholarship is awarded to a student who excels in basketball or another sport.

Henry Nias Scholarship

Established in 2001 by the Henry Nias Foundation.

Theresa and Edward O’Toole Scholarships

Awarded to eight students in 2006 by the Theresa and Edward O’Toole Foundation, these scholarships created the Theresa and Edward Scholars Program at SJHS.

The PFR Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2009 by an anonymous donor in honor of her father.

Annelise Pleckaitis Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2005 by an anonymous donor in loving memory of Annelise Pleckaitis.

Sister Alice Reichmeider, O.P., Golden Jubilee Scholarship

In honor of S. Alice Reichmeider O.P’s Golden Jubilee as a Sister of St. Dominic, John Dietl established this scholarship in honor of his dear friend.

SJHS Alumnae Scholarship

Established 2007 as a response to a foundation challenge grant, this scholarship was created by a loyal alumna.

Mary Elizabeth Vansevicius Guagliardo ’76 Scholarship

Established by her husband John Guagliardo for a deserving young woman that embody an outgoing personality that his wife Mary posessed.

C.V. Starr Scholarships

Established by the Starr Foundation, the C.V. Starr Merit Scholarships are awarded to five SJHS students every year.

Rita Trenz ’43 Scholarship

Established by Class of 1943 graduate, Rita Trenz.

James T. Tynion Scholarship

Established by James T. Tynion, this scholarship honors S. Mary Eduardo McGrath, CSJ.

Rita Reilly Walsh ’33 Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2006 by S. Mary Walsh, CSJ, in honor of her mother, Rita Reilly Walsh ’33.

Faculty Fund

At SJHS, our students are supported and inspired by our faculty on a daily basis. Through the hard work and dedication of our teachers, students are able to identify and meet their potential, and get into the right colleges. We strive to improve faculty compensation, and to provide our incredibly dedicated teachers with professional development opportunities.

For more information on how to make a gift to St. Joseph High School, please contact The General Office at (718) 624-3618.

Annual Reports

Every year, SJHS releases an annual report to keep parents, faculty and doners up to date on the financial activity of the school.

Annual Report 2015 – 2016

Annuel Report 2016 – 2017

Annuel Report 2017 – 2018


“St. Joseph is an experience unlike any other I’ve had in life.  To witness the transformation of these young women is like watching a flower grow and I am grateful to be part of it.”
– Paul Kennedy,
Development Associate