“Share your smile with the world.
It’s a symbol of friendship and peace. ”  

– Christie Brinkley

Schedule a Buddy Day

Buddy Days are a great way for prospective students to see what St. Joseph is like. Spend the day with one of our ambassadors who will answer any questions you may have.

 Marilyn Pauta

HI! My name is Marilyn and a quote that my mom always tells me that inspires me is ” Todo pasa a su tiempo.” This quote translated in English states ” Everything happens within time.” I love to play sports. I’m currently in the volleyball club and hope to be part of the soccer team soon. I’m also an ambassador for my school. My ambition in life is to graduate with a nursing degree and live a healthy and happy life surrounded by my loved ones. I have a funny and outgoing personality. I’m also very responsible and grateful for my education and family. Some adjectives to describe me are: happy, respectful, fun and smart.

Maria Constable

My name is Maria Eve Constable. I was raised in St. Lucia but born here. I can speak two languages, English and French Creole. I’m currently a member of Girls Against Trafficking, Mouse Club, Volleyball, Glamour Girls, Sadie Nash Leadership Program, and the St. Lucian La-Rose Group. I am also one of the Student Leaders of Brent-Wood. I also enjoy playing cricket. My aspiration as of right is to be happy and live life to fullest but also have a balance between fun and work.  In the future, I hope to get into a great college and become an engineer because I love STEM. I would describe myself as intellectual, independent, broadminded, funny, friendly, helpful, dependable, and self-confident.

 Atta-Ofori Gould

Hi my name is Alana Therrassant. I’m a sophomore at saint Joseph’s high school. I am a member
of the varsity volleyball team and I am also a dance club member. If I had to describe myself in a
few words I would say I am outgoing, bubbly, and positive. Going to school at saint Joseph’s
Helped me to find my voice. So I can say I’m proud to be an ambassador for saint Joseph high

 Kenesha Louisma

My name is Kenesha Louisma, and I am a sophomore ambassador at St.Joseph High School. I am also in Drama club, Mouse Squad, Future Medical, and Scientists Club, and Music and engineering club. Since I am in many clubs that vary in different aspects, I can relate to many of your interests.

 Isabella Castillo

My name is Isabella Castillo. A quote I have from my grandmother who inspires me is, “Time doesn’t stop, knowledge is the key.” I play softball and plan on playing soccer. I am in ambassadors club for school. Outside of school, I am in Teen Program and CAP Program. My hope is to graduate high school with a good impression. I am respectful, understanding, and helpful.

Alana Therrassant

Hi my name is Alana Therrassant. I’m a Freshwoman at Saint Joseph High School. I am on the JV Volleyball team and I am also a dance club member. I hope to soon also join the track to the team. One day, through the help of this school and the great education it offers, I would like to go to Harvard law school, in order to pursue my ambition of becoming a lawyer.

Jasmine Pratt

Hello! My name is Jasmine Pratt, and I am a freshwoman at St. Joseph High School. Attending this school is a very unique and wonderful experience. I participate in activities like the Art Club and the Speech team. Speech not only helps with public speaking and builds confidence – it is also fun because we have the opportunity to go to competitions. The classes are so individualized, and every student is respected and listened to. The classes not only educate you; we also talk about topics that most schools wouldn’t normally discuss, which engages you in the class and makes you want to go. There are so many interesting things you can do in a day that you will never get bored. The teachers, faculty, and students really care for you and it feels like you are just in a big family. I know for a fact this school will bring me to success and a great future – hopefully, I will go to Harvard to study art!

Lou-Anne Calixte

Hello there! My name is Lou-Anne Calixte and I am a Freshwoman at St. Joseph High School. I am a part of the Speech Team and I plan to join Glamour Gals and Culture Club. I love music and making friends. I’ve been told many times by many people that I am very outgoing. My plan in life is to become a chef and maybe go to Adelphi University. If I don’t become a chef I want to become a poet or teacher. Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day or evening. If you do come to this school I can’t wait to meet you!

Imani Merlain

Hello, my name is Imani and I attend St Joseph high school. I am a stepper and ambassador. I’m a sophomore which is a 10th grader. I like to sing dance and step. I have to siblings and I was born on March 7th. My favorite subject in school is English. I hope you come to our school because it’s great with big opportunities, our school has a huge virility of clubs/extracurricular activities. So come join us so that you can join our fun.

Aniyah Eldridge

Hey ladies! I’m currently a Junior here at Saint Joseph. I’m very goofy and fun to be around. I’m a part of many extracurricular activities here at Saint Joseph’s High School, including step, speech, and much more so I can definitely be someone to help you decide on something to do other than school!. I hope you choose this school as the high school you would like to spend the next 4 years of your life. I, myself, am a happy, humorous and funny person. Choose me for buddy day!