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Student Jenai Davis interned at Through Our Lens:

Through Our Lens was a great opportunity for me and still is. Even though I am a senior, I still am a bit lost on what I want to do with my life. But the internship has opened up a new option for me. I always had an interest in photography but it’s something that I never thought to make a career out of. I’ve learned how to adjust a camera, which has led me to take better photos. I have also gained some networking tips in regards to fashion and business. I am truly thankful to Ms. Schaeffer for this opportunity.”

What is Through Our Lens?

Through Our Lens, Inc. (TOL) empowers high-school-aged girls to use photography not only as a medium to build self-esteem and nurture creativity, but also to build portfolios and develop professional relationships within the fashion industry. TOL’s programming includes a balance of practical skill development and application, industry education, and mentorship to ensure girls acquire the well rounded experiences needed to be successful as aspiring fashion professionals.”

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