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Here we go! For this week’s edition of “Look at all the Neat Stuff the Intern Found” we are going to be examining this gem right here. Out of all the yearbooks that I have looked through this image right here is hands down my absolute favorite! However, it is really hard to express why this photo is my favorite other than the fact that whenever I look at it it brings me absolute joy. The half smile that sits upon this students face combined with the ridiculous size of her shades does it for me every single time, and I hope that it brings a smile to your face too.

This priceless artifact comes from the 1985 edition of the SJHS yearbook, and unfortunately comes with no caption or name. Which is really disappointing, because I was getting ready to go and find this young lady and ask her the real hard hitting questions. Like what thoughts were running through your head when this picture was taken? Do you still have those shades? Have you ever gone bigger? But alas I guess we will never know who this young woman behind the bold shades was. The only thing we know for certain is that in the year 1985 she was an underclassmen at SJHS and was rocking some bold shades with designs of stars adorning each side.

As I stare at this picture one last time before I move on to the next the last thought that runs through my head is that she has to be wearing those big bold shades because, her future is so bright that the only thing that will protect her from it all hitting her at once are shades the size of the moon.

P.S. If anyone is able to identify the young lady in this photo let us know in the comments below, because if anyone can we would love to send that person a FREE bag of SJHS swag!

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