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On this week’s edition of “Look at all the Neat Stuff the Intern Found” we get to take a trip down memory lane and do some uncovering on the one the only Ms. Madeline Rivera. On my first day at St. Joseph my boss gave me a tour of the school, and as we hopped onto the elevator and traveled down to the second floor our first stop was the library. Sitting right next to the library door when you walk into the space is Ms. Rivera. Who in person looks almost identical to how she does in this photo from the 1984 SJHS yearbook. Of the staff that is currently working here at the high school Ms. Rivera has been here the longest, and because of that fact she is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything St. Joseph related.

Prior to working in the schools library she worked for many years as a part of the administrative team. Which is why this picture features Ms. Rivera alongside two students from 1984 in the Administrative Office.

So this upcoming Fall as you are walking through the library starring in awe at all of the trophies that adorn the walls of the space, like I was on my first day, and a question pops into your head about one or two of them chances are she will be able to give you an answer. And even if your question has absolutely nothing to do with the large amounts of glimmering trophies, but rather it’s about the history of the school or some other topic make sure to ask it anyways, because no question is a dumb question!

So whether you are looking to book a trip down memory lane for yourself, or you are coming to visit St. Joseph for the first time make sure to stop in and take a peek into the library, and visit Ms. Rivera.

P.S. Happy 4th of July!! Make sure to get outside and do something fun today! Oh and don’t forget to wear plenty of sunscreen 🙂

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