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In 1964, St. Joseph High School’s Parmentier Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed. Founded to acknowledge outstanding high school students across the US, the NHS  rests on 4 pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. Each year, students all over the country are inducted into this prestigious organization, and SJHS is proud to name many alumni and current students among them.

This year’s NHS Induction began with a Welcome by current NHS member Tashawn Young, ’19. Karielys Ortiz, ’19 provided a history of the National Honor Society, and Kamayah Bland, ’19, lead the Candle Lighting Ceremony. Johanna Van Maack, Kayla Farfan, Leslie-Ann White, and Lisa Avila each came to the podium to explain one of the four pillars of the National Honor Society. Each new member was then formally inducted into the Society, given their hood, and congratulated by Ms. Latham. Senior Melissa Pierre, who was chosen by the NHS members as the keynote speaker, then gave a talk about the four pillars, focusing on her favorite — Character. A final blessing was offered by Senior Bethgeana Coq.

Newly Inducted National Honor Society Members

Nedira Mobley, ’19                        Nathalia Paz, ’19

Akellia Bowens, ’20                      Angelica Martinez, ’20

Isabella Castillo, ’20                     Selena Morreira, ’20

Maria Constable, ’20                    Jiawen Pan, ’20

Jayda Grant, ’20                           Marilyn Pauta, ’20

Alecia Hart, ’20                             Kayleah Serano, ’20

Halle Marius, ’20                          Leilany Tochimani-Solano, ’20

A Word from our newest NHS members

Being in the National Honor Society is one of the greatest achievements I have obtained here at SJHS. The journey to where I am now hasn’t always been easy. There have been times where I just wanted to give up as the workload has piled up on me. Every time I had those negative thoughts I gave myself pep talks which, although it sounds cheesy, always helped. Each time I pushed myself to do the best I can because I knew that my future depended on my academic progress.

I strive to get good grades not only for myself but also for my dad. I know the sacrifices he makes for me to have a good education and I want to show him that all his hard work is being acknowledged and that I’m very grateful for him.

If you would like to be part of NHS do not give up! Push forward, because in the end everything will be better and those sleepless nights will be worth it. 

-Marilyn Pauta, ’20

Marilyn Pauta, ’20

I became an NHS member through hard work, dedication and not giving up. Honestly, I prayed for help most of the time but I knew in order for God to give me the help I needed I had to help myself as well. I made sure all of my grades were above 80. I respected all my teachers and I participated in volunteer service opportunities

The person who motivates me to excel academically and personally is my grandmother. I do it for myself too, but mostly for her. I want her to know that she helped me become the person, I will become. Being in NHS motivates me because I know by being in it, it will make my grandmother and family proud.

My advice to prospective future NHS members: Find something or someone that motivates you to excel in life. If you want to be in NHS you have to try your best. You can’t let your “friends” or anyone else, including yourself, hold you back from being the greatest person you can become. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do something because then that means you give up, and when you give up of course you won’t be able to do it. Tell yourself you can do it, try your best, and you will be able to do it. You need to get rid of anything negative in your life and focus on everything positive. Also, remember that everything happens for a reason. Whether you believe this or not, God doesn’t give you a situation that you can’t handle. He knows out strengths and weaknesses and you must believe that weaknesses can turn into strengths.

Isabella Castillo, ’20

From the Archives — 1983 NHS Induction