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Accompanied by Ms. Stacia Green and Mr. Akil St. Louis, several SJHS students participated in a four-week robotic design course, funded by the National Science Foundation and sponsored by the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

During this course, they learned the fundamentals of how to build a robot, and how to program that robot to complete various tasks, navigate obstacles and more.

The teachers who attended also participated in Robotics education professional development, where they learned lots of methods and techniques for teaching similar courses at their own campuses. Mr. St. Louis and Ms. Green bring these skills back to SJHS where they will be able to implement what they learned in our Engineering and FabLab courses.

During the four week course our students encountered many challenges, due to being completely new to the subject matter. However, they were able to work in synergy to accomplish every task, showing diligence, resilience, and a willingness to push through difficulties toward success.

By the end they built a working robot that could complete all the assigned challenges!