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You probably know that St. Joseph High School has a Facebook page. But were you aware you can keep up with the day to day life of SJHS on Instagram? Or that departments like English, History, and Athletics have their very own dedicated pages?

Take a look! 

For frequent updates about big events like Women’s Professional Day, field trips, performances, service projects, tournaments and more, along with real-time video clips, follow our main Instagram account @sjhs_brooklyn!

Want to know about the exciting books, short stories, and poems we read in English class? Or the creative projects we do, exciting field trips and conferences we attend, and the new literary journal we are launching? Follow our English Department on Instagram @sjhsbkenglish!

You probably already know that our Varsity Basketball team won City Championships this year and went on to compete in the State Semi-Finals. But did you know that freshwoman Alanni Cannon is already a nationally ranked Track  & Field runner? Keep up with all the latest sports news by following @sjhsathletics!

Our Step Team is a 10-year legend – award-winning and always popular, Step at SJHS is unique for the Gospel Spirit that shapes our stomps and shouts. This year we performed at an event honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the annual New York Encounter, a huge weekend-long cultural festival in Manhattan, before an audience of hundreds of people, many of whom had never seen a Step performance before. Keep the joy and enthusiasm of Step in your life by following us at @sjhslcstepteam!

Even more? 

Want to learn interesting facts about the past while finding out about all the fun, hands-on ways we learn history at SJHS? You can visit our recently launched @sjhshistory page for all kinds of intriguing factoids and updates!

Our faith is something that shapes all aspects of life at our school. Check out @sjhsbkreligion to stay up to date about retreats and other faith-focused events, and learn more about Religious Studies, prayer, liturgy, and service at the same time.