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For our annual Sports Day, the Sports Day Committee did a tremendous job in organizing the games, the music, motivating, coaching,  scoring, use of equipment and making sure each game had the right number of  participants, and deciding who won the game!

Thank you especially to: Mrs. Lambert, Mr. Toro; Mr. Akil; Ms. Tchiremu;  Ms. Greene; Ms. Barron;  Mr. D’Agosto;  Mr. Mobijohn; Mrs. Parris-Strigle; Ms. Gallagher; Ms. Ventura; and Mr. Martin. Our sincerest thanks go to Principal Antonio for her great support. Her words of appreciation enthuse us in all our efforts!

Dance Club and Step Team Performances

The day included remarkable performances of excellence from some of our star athletes, as well as students who, while not natural athletes, all did their best for their house.  We are very proud of each of them! There were fast and furious rivalries but all were friends in the end. From Body Ball to the Baton Relay, there was great determination from all players, cheered on by their ‘house mates’, with every victory celebrated by the entire house.

Basketball, Body Ball, Baton Relay and more!


The finale of the day saw an exciting relay challenge between the faculty and students (Varsity state runners? Who would beat that?). In the end it was narrowly Carondelet’s 90 point superb performance capturing first place. They beat a spirited challenge from Lyon (80 points), Brentwood (70 points) and LePuy (65 points).  It was a splendid event in which the standard became extremely high for all the players.


Despite the high spirit deep in our hearts we remember Mrs. Latham jumping, smiling, running, cheering. We all know that she was so excited about the Sports Day, the day where we get the chance to just relax with each other and have fun through sports.